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World War III Has Begun – And America Doesn’t Know It Yet!

Dr. Jake Baker
December 22, 2020

We are at war.  China, Russia, Iran, and sadly, both Germany and Great Britain, along with other countries in Europe and the Middle East, have partnered with the American media, the Democrat Party, the Deep State, Social Media Overlords and others to destroy America in three clear and distinct theaters of war. 

On the first front, we have been hit with biological warfare from China, facilitated by blackard Dr. Anthony Faucci, globalist traitor Bill Gates, by America-hating former President Barack Hussein Obama, and the American Deep State.  This two-part act of war comes first in the form of the China plague which has slaughtered millions around the world and sadly has murdered thousands of Americans.  This makes the attack on 911 look like child’s play. 

Then there is the economic component of this opening invasion against the country.  As a result of this pandemic, $5 trillion has been stolen from our economy.  Remember, wealth never disappears … it just changes hands.  Follow the money.

On the second front, we are facing the enemy within as the Democrats and their treasonous allies in the media, Congress, foreign governments and in particular China, Germany, Great Britain, and Spain, along with the Deep State are attempting to steal the 2020 election, and in the process, overthrow the government of the United States. They have either bought or intimidated the courts and they are moving with alacrity to first destroy our union by making the nation ungovernable and unreconcilable, while ultimately seeking to completely and absolutely shred our Constitutional Republic and replace it with a one-party oligarchy that takes its orders from a globalist cabal.

Finally, we are under a cyber warfare attack by enemies, both foreign and domestic. It has been described as a “Pearl Harbor” scale event which has left our electrical grid, our cyber infrastructure, and our financial system laid bare to the Russians, Chinese and whoever else was involved in this act of war, including those within the gates that made it possible.  The attack has penetrated our nuclear arsenal, our nuclear shield, our treasury department, and every network of our government all the way to Top Secret levels and perhaps even higher. 

Sadly, most Americans believe that this is just about election fraud and crooked voting machines.  Let me assure you that this is that, to the hundredth power.  We are facing life and death issues.  We are at war and once again the major players in this are Russia, China, and Iran, but foreign actors from Europe will eventually be revealed who are a significant part of this full-frontal assault, and all of this has been facilitated by enemies within in the list presented earlier. 

These are just the opening salvos in World War III designed to drive both America and the world into the “Great Reset” which is about ending America and bringing to fruition ancient prophecies about a coming one world government.  I believe that all of this is a part of that larger story. And if Joe Biden ever occupies the Oval Office, he will set in motion a series of events from which, I fear, there will be no recovery.

Let us begin with this from Reuters:

The Trump administration offered lawmakers few details about the recent hacking campaign against the U.S. Government, several members of Congress said on Friday following a classified briefing on the intrusion and calling for an in-person meeting.

U.S. Representative Stephen Lynch, the head of the House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform panel’s national security subcommittee, said the information provided was “very disappointing” and that it appeared U.S. “cybersecurity experts don’t have a real sense yet in terms of the breadth of the intrusion itself.

Reports are circulating that this light security briefing is tied to a much larger story and the Trump administration is playing it close to the vest.  SolarWinds, a software used by many government agencies allowed a back door for this unimaginably large attack and is either a target of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or an active partner.

Additionally, there are stories circulating that the reason the briefings were stopped for Team Biden, is that intentionally “false” information was slipped into the Biden transition team briefing and one day later it was in the hands of the CCP.  Team Biden cannot – must not – be trusted. 

It is important, as we begin, to establish a few ground rules on this discussion.

First, we are being told that this recent cyber-attack is the dastardly work of Russia.  This “hack” was not a hack carried out by Russia …  at least not alone.  It was a multinational conspiracy perpetrated by the Global Reset Movement which is comprised of known antagonists Russia, China, Iran, and other Islamic nations.  But it does not end there. 

When the evidence is finally exposed and fully examined, we will find that British, German, and French intelligence agencies were involved as well as a well-hidden cabal of global robber barons who have engineered the ongoing Global Reset and who have been looting the treasures of the world, including stealing trillions from Wall Street for decades.  They have flooded Europe with militant Islamists, which will also play into the prophetic unfolding and will eventually shape violence and war in the Middle East.

That leads us back to the SolarWinds hack which penetrated our treasury department, our nuclear arsenal, and all of our intelligence and defense networks all the way to the Top-Secret level.  Additionally, SolarWinds is not a lone player.  A version of SolarWinds’ Orion platform was used in the Dominion Voting System software, which has clearly been tied to China and the CCP. 

This Global Reset movement is not new.  It has been going on for decades corrupting the media both here and around the world.  It has become a lot more “in-your-face” as the last of the major media outlets, Fox News Channel, has been captured by the left and as more politicians, courts, military leaders, corporate heads, and social media oligarchs have either been bought, or blackmailed like many judges and justices (like Justice John Roberts and countless others), politicians (like Mitch McConnell, Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Dianne Feinstein), and dozens more who have joined their team.

Then there is the most corrupt of them all, the man who would be king, Beijing Joe Biden, who has made corrupt deals with Ukraine and other Baltic fiefdoms and their crooked oligarchs, Russia, China, Iraq, Iran, across Central America, and Haiti with impunity and so far, has escaped with absolute immunity from any kind of scrutiny from the government or the harpies in the media.  

As has been reported by several outlets, Dominion Voting Systems received a $400 million payment just days before the U.S. 2020 election.  An examination of Dominion Voting Systems discovered SEC filings which revealed two instances where its parent company, Staple Street Capital, received hundreds of millions from UBS Group AG – a Swiss bank that co-owns UBS Securities Co. Ltd. with the Chinese government. 

Now Staple Street Capital was co-founded by Stephen D. Owens.  There is some speculation as to the relationship between Stephen D. Owens and Robert Kevin Owens, who is the brother of John Owens, the husband of Valerie Biden Owens, Joe Biden’s sister. 

Author and former Overstock CEO, Patrick Byrne, wrote in a December 16, 2020 article about what he called the CCP’S “assassin’s mace”.  Byrne is an expert on China.  He knows China well, speaks Mandarin, has a degree in Chinese Studies, and lived in China.  In the article he said:

“Election fraud is the secret “assassin’s mace” of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that has long confounded security hawks, according to tech billionaire and entrepreneur Patrick Byrne, who back in August assembled a cyber intelligence team to analyze the U.S. voting system.”

Definition Assassin’s Mace (Chinese: 杀手锏; pinyin: Shāshǒujiàn) is a Chinese term composed of the characters for “kill”, “hand”, and “mace“. This term has its roots in ancient Chinese folklore, which recounts how a “hero” wielding such a weapon managed to overcome a far more powerful adversary.

“For 10 years or more, there have been references to a coming ‘assassin’s mace’ in the Chinese literature—where they take out the United States with one stroke,” Byrne told The Epoch Times’ “American Thought Leaders” program. “The national security community in the United States has been trying to figure this out: Is it their new aircraft carrier? Is that the hypersonic missile? Is it this, that, is it an EMP?”

But the concept of the Chinese assassin’s mace is not new.  Intel experts have been trying to figure this out for an awfully long time.  The New York Post back in 2015 wrote about a man named Michael Pillsbury.

“In 1995, Michael Pillsbury, an expert on China who has worked with every US president since Nixon and has, he writes, “arguably had more access to China’s military and intelligence establishment than any other Westerner,” was reading an article written by “three of China’s preeminent military experts” about “new technologies that would contribute to the defeat of the United States.”

“In the military context, he writes, “Assassin’s Mace refers to a set of asymmetric weapons that allow an inferior power to defeat a seemingly superior adversary by striking at an enemy’s weakest point.”

“In time, Pillsbury began seeing the term “Assassin’s Mace” with regularity in Chinese documents.”

Was this election fraud truly the “assassin’s mace”? Perhaps, but in this case, the assassin had to breach the defense walls put up around both the U.S. and the U.S. voting system.  As we now know, the walls of the proverbial City on the Hill were indeed breached in a major way.  An article by The Gateway Pundit stated that the U.S. has been hit with a “Pearl Harbor” type cyber-attack. 

Cyber-Security expert and former Senior State Department Advisor, Morgan Wright, had this to say about the SolarWinds security breach.

“Any time you call a meeting on Saturday in the National Security Counsel it’s serious.  This is almost like a prelude to war!  … Not only were the government agencies hit, we got Lockheed Martin, we’ve got Firerite…this very well could have started after the 2018 election…. this is Russia’s way of getting back in the game… they attacked… SolarWinds…the updates weren’t secure but they contained a malicious payload… it could be hundreds, it could be thousands of companies.”

And as we stated earlier, this attack went all the way to top secret networks and even our nuclear arsenal was breached. But somebody had to know.  Somebody had to open the gate and bring the “Trojan Horse” inside the city gates.  And the suspects are plethora.

We know that China Joe Biden and his family have close ties to several shady players in both Russia and China.  Both have paid him large sums of money and both undoubtedly have damning information on the family which could be used to extort or blackmail them into turning a blind eye to this act of war on the U.S.  And if betraying his country meant he would win the U.S. presidency, Joe has shown an absolute propensity to abandon or more accurately jettison his moral compass when it seemed convenient.

Additionally, it is important to remember that Joe Biden’s sister is married to the Owens family of Staple Street Capital, the funding organization for Dominion Voting Systems $400 million buyout by the CCP and is directly and inextricably tied to the CCP.

But the list of companies and politicians tied to the CCP is wide and deep.  A list of about two million Communist Chinese infiltrators was recently released.  But one need not look far to find curious ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Senator Dianne Feinstein had a Chinese spy working for her for 20 years.  Eric Swalwell was literally sleeping with the enemy.  His paramour was a CCP spy known as Christine Fang, also known as Fang Fang, and a recent photo has been released showing Fang Fang and the Chinese spy that worked for Feinstein together.  Did Swalwell sell out is country?  We do not know, but that possibility certainly exists.  In his defense, Swalwell was unmarried at the time, so he was only perhaps guilty of treason, and not adultery and treason.  Yet, despite the scandal, Swalwell still sits on the House Intelligence committee.

But while casting a net for politicians with direct ties to China, another name pops up … Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell.  McConnell is married to Elaine Chao, daughter of billionaire founder of Foremost Maritime Corporation, James Chao.  Chao has financed most of McConnell’s campaigns and added directly to his estimated worth of more than $50 million. 

The National file reports that, “McConnell’s familial link to Chao family’s Foremost shipping company, Chinese State Shipbuilding corporation, and Bank of China resurface after Kentucky senator’s declaration of victory for Joe Biden.”

So, one might reasonably ask, “What has that to do with elections?”

Simple. McConnell personally killed two election’s security bills back in July of 2020.  Additionally, knowing that the election was disputed, to say the least, with a mountain of evidence of electronic, ballot, and counting fraud, McConnell acknowledged a very pro-China Biden as the President-elect from the floor of the Senate. 

A part of the election dispute is CCP’s control of Dominion Voting Systems, which were illegally able to access the internet and were in communications during the election and counting process with servers in both Spain and Germany, both of which may well have been linked to China.  Government has the actual packets exchanged between the machines and the “CIA” linked servers in Spain and Germany.  We now know that not only did the CCP have access to the Dominion Voting Machines through SolarWinds, they had access to all our security networks, the treasury department, defense department and all “secure” government networks all the way to top secret records.  Additionally, they may have had access to intellectual properties of thousands of private sector files as well as government files on intellectual property.

And while investigations are ongoing, former acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Richard Grenell, who has intimate knowledge of this intel, indicates that many politicians beyond Feinstein, Swalwell, Pelosi, Schumer and McConnell have ties to the CCP.  He has made it clear that the list of compromised or potentially compromised politicians and deep state operatives is stunning in both size and depth within the federal government.

Over the weeks since the November 3, 2020 election, it has become clear that not only was this election stolen but that there were many players involved.  The media was clearly involved, including conservative’s beloved Fox News.  Never Trumper, Chris Stierwalt, was clearly in on the “fix” along with the rest of the Fox News team. They joined the chorus of mainstream media that knew that the fix was in and refused to even call obvious states like Florida and Texas for Donald Trump, yet were quick to call Arizona with only 14% of the vote counted, in what has become a contested state rife with election fraud.

While I have no personal proof of their foreknowledge of the conspiracy to overthrow the government of the United States, their behavior in the calls they made and refused to make on election night, is certainly incriminating.  Additionally, no one in the media thought it strange that all the swing states, in concert, decided to stop counting presidential election votes.  Why was that?

The answer is really quite simple.  This was not a plot that needed to be carried out in all fifty states although I believe many blue states “padded” their vote to run up the popular vote total for Biden.  But in reality, they only needed to steal the election in the swing states.  They had a multi-city/county strategy which included Atlanta, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and the necessary surrounding counties.  The problem came when the machine’s algorithms were not able to keep up with or compensate for the Trump landslide.  Counting was stopped while the conspirators figured out what to do. 

As we now know, they manufactured ballots, trucked them in from two states away, pulled them out from under tables after chasing observers and law enforcement out of the counting area, ran millions of ballots through multiple times, and, to this point, have succeeded in stealing an election. 

But the unseen hand in all of this is the Chinese “assassin’s mace”.  This is an act of war which was, at least in part, perpetrated by traitors within the gates.  Not only did they steal our election, but they have also placed a malicious payload into our most secure systems and in our defense network, military operations networks, intel networks, and treasury department up to the top-secret level. The same malicious payload has infected thousands of businesses, which have also been stabbed in the back by assassins within the gate. 

On an economic level, the CCP has had plenty of help from useful idiots or traitors like governors Whitmer of Michigan, Cuomo of New York, Newsom of California, Brown of Oregon, Inslee of Washington, Evers of Wisconsin, Wolf of Pennsylvania, Kemp of Georgia, Sisolak of Nevada, and Grisham of New Mexico. 

These traitors were assisted by mayors like di Blasio of New York, Kenny of Philadelphia, Barrett of Milwaukee, Antaramian of Kenosha, Wheeler of Portland, Durkan of Seattle, Garcetti of Los Angeles, Goodman of Las Vegas, and many others.  Their shut-downs have devastated millions of small businesses many of which will never recover.

Then there is Christopher Wray’s FBI which has become one of the most corrupt organizations in U.S. history and Gina Haspel’s CIA, which is perhaps, if possible, even more corrupt than the FBI.  It is important for us to understand that the CIA does not work for us, they work for the military industrial complex and ultimately for the Global Reset Oligarchs who, if left unchecked, will take control of this country with the simple aim of destroying it. 

But lest we forget, we had, along the way many willing collaborators like the bought and paid for media who have been gorging on cash reportedly from the CCP, militant Islamic Groups the DNC and other globalist entities, who have a stake in politically assassinating both Trump and conservatives who support him because they stand in the way of their Global Reset. 

You can add to that team of assassins the establishment political class and global terrorists like George Soros, social media czars like Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook, and Jack Dorsey at Twitter both of whom use Chinese Communist trained “fact checkers” who along with outsourced censors in Canada, do the dirty work for these giant media technocrats to help rig elections and destroy anyone who seeks to expose them and their friends like Bill Gates at Microsoft and Google propaganda minister and founder Larry Page. 

These billionaire collaborators have developed their own “global star chamber” and they seemingly run the world from global finance to fixing elections in places like Venezuela and even European countries. But fixing the U.S. election is their biggest most breath-taking coup ever.  I’m sure they are giddy with delight over their treasonous act of war.  This evil conglomerate starts and ends wars in distant lands you have never heard of, and profits on weapons sales, the death and blood of real people with real lives and families, and grow their vast wealth by the trafficking of human beings, like they were so many cattle, around the world with out any remorse.

Were their foot-soldiers useful idiots in governors’ mansions and the DNC, along with all of these miscreants, a part of this plot to overthrow the government of the United States by their use of unconstitutional power to lock down their states and destroy small business which is the economic engine of the American economy?  Probably, but currently we just don’t know.  But somebody knows, and if we survive this coup, we will find that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

This globalist Star Chamber is comprised of desperately evil tyrants who create viruses and unleash them on the world as is the case with Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Faucci.  Together with Barack Hussein Obama they planned and facilitated the banning of the Covid19 research and moved it to China.  In so doing when they unleashed this biological warfare on the planet−and specifically on the United States−it would appear to be a foreign actor that unleashed this plague on the planet, keeping their hands clean.  But they are not clean, they are dripping with blood. 

That served two purposes.  It hurt a booming U.S. economy, which when at full throttle, rendered impossible their planned global reset, and it was directly aimed at destroying Donald Trump, who, in their mind, had to be taken out.  He caught them in the middle of enacting their global reset and he devised a strategy to defeat their plan.  But they were not about to let Trump and America win.  A pandemic, economic upheaval and chaotic violence in the streets was their answer.

They were not concerned about the millions of deaths the pandemic would cause.  They were not concerned about the lives and businesses that would be destroyed.  The destroyed lives, massive damage to small business owners, which many will not survive, none of this was collateral damage, it was a part of the plan. 

Still, they were worried that Trump, who is so popular, so beloved by America, would still win the election.  So, they placed in motion part two of their insurance policy.  Their plan was to steal the election with the help of the Chinese Communist Party.  And it may yet succeed, despite the overwhelming evidence of fraud and treason and a blatant act of war on America.

With all this evidence, one might wonder how such a plan would survive the courts.  Simple.  Many of the courts are run by powerful judges.  But how they got their power, and what they did with their power has put many of them in a compromising position, which allows them to be blackmailed and controlled, and it runs all the way to the Supreme Court.

It was the Supreme Court that turned away the powerful case brought by Texas AG Ken Paxton and joined by 18 other states.  When it arrived at the Supreme Court, Justice John Roberts, who was appointed to the court by globalist President George W. Bush, made sure it was dead on arrival.  In a private session, a clerk of the court blew the whistle that Roberts literally “screamed through the walls”, threated, and in every way intimidated all but Thomas and Alito into refusing to hear the case.  Had they agreed to hear the Texas suit, the merits of the case would have demanded a new and honest election. 

So why would Justice Roberts work so hard to destroy the nation and the Constitution he swore to uphold and defend?  Perhaps the answer can be found in the reportedly illegal adoption of his children from a foreign country.  Maybe it can be found in Epstein’s Lolita Express passenger manifest in about 2012.  Whatever the reason, Roberts is obviously compromised and is a part of the coup that is intent on stealing this election and placing it in the evil grip of the Global Reset crowd.  If they are successful, America will be destroyed one way or another. 

The result of the vacuum created by a destroyed America would resultant pandemonium and chaos in global trade and financial markets, and would ultimately lead to world-wide terror, starvation and leave the masses begging for a leader.  Enter the New World Order brought to you by the demoniacs at the Global Reset. 

So, we are left with few choices and none of them good.  If we do nothing and allow the globalists and traitors to win, we lose America and loose upon the world what will be a horror show and result in a prison planet.

If we form a Federation of Constitutional States and band together to resist any unconstitutional efforts by the Biden−and soon to be Harris administration−the federal government, at some point in time, will demand compliance and will resort to the use of force to compel compliance to their unconstitutional and immoral demands.  That will eventually lead to a secession movement in Texas and other states.  When that happens, the nation will see mass violence, probably war, economic upheaval, and the U.S., as we know it, will cease to exist and the Global Reset Star Chamber will have won.

Unless SCOTUS makes a dramatic and frankly unexpected turn-around, there is only one option left if we are to preserve the nation.  The President would have to listen to people like Generals Michael Flynn and Tom McInerny and declare martial law, confiscate all the voting machines, and have a complete forensic audit done to uncover the massive voter fraud. 

Martial law has only been declared 64 times in our nation’s history.  In this case President Trump would have to suspend habeas corpus as Lincoln did at the time of the Civil War, the courts would be very restricted in what they did, and most courts would fall under the auspices of a military tribunal, he would have to take control of all broadcasting and demand a paper ballot revote to give us an honest election. 

There would be mass roundups of traitors and terrorists like BLM and Antifa.  Militant Islamists already stationed here in the country would have to be herded to deportation centers and sent back to their country of origin, or like other traitors imprisoned, they would face military justice.  As in previous wars, we would see military on the streets and we would literally see media executives, social media tyrants, crooked politicians, bought and paid for corporate leaders and globalists like George Soros, and many others hunted down and sent to places like Gitmo awaiting their trials for charges of treason in front of a military court. 

The Global Reset is not something that is going to happen … it is in progress and happening even as you read this report.  How we respond to it will determine if−and in what condition−America survives.  But rest assured, even if we survive, life will be uncomfortable for an extended period of time. We would probably be under martial law for a period of two to four years and life as we know it would not return to normal for perhaps as long as a decade.

What say you America?  Given the circumstances, what would you want President Trump to do? 

We cannot fight this alone.  This must be done as a nation−or at least−as a federation of states. 

If we do nothing we will be subjugated, and the world will become a prison planet.

If we form a federation of the states and don’t fight back until we are pushed, we would, for all the world, seem to have the moral high ground, but one can rest assured that the media would not allow that.  Additionally, in that eventuality we would not have the gears and levers of power.  We would not have control of the media which would propagandize against freedom loving Americans even more than they do now, we would be demonized and criminalized.  We would not have control of the military, the courts, or the congress.  It would be an uphill battle to say the least.

However, if the President were to act now, while he can control the military, take control of the media during a time of insurrection and literal attack by our enemies both foreign and domestic, and while he would yet have the legal authority to suspend habeas corpus, he would have the upper hand to both detain and try in a legal military court those who have both conspired and acted to overthrow the government of the United States, in what will surely be a Herculean effort to right and defend the American ship of state. 

While some in the nation are still walking in blissful ignorance, many Americans are armed with information and the truth about this election and the attacks via cyber warfare through SolarWinds’ invasion of our corporate and government structure.  These conspirators are both foreign and domestic enemies who have rigged our election and are seeking to overturn the government of the United States. 

They have waged bacteriological warfare – the China Virus – against humanity and have killed both our citizens and millions around the world.  They are now using that same China Virus as an excuse to shut down our cities and states to kill our economy and steal the God-given, constitutionally guaranteed rights of all Americans. 

To reiterate, their plan is to destroy America and bring it into the “global reset” which is another name for the New World Order.  Welcome to the book of Revelation.

In light of that … and faced with the prospect of a Biden Presidency, which would hand Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the levers of power including the media, the courts, the bureaucracy, the Deep State, and the military via this fraudulent election, where socialism takes over and destroys small business, our economy, rigs our election system in perpetuity, packs the courts, cancels the 2nd Amendment,  institutes authoritarian lockdowns and cripples our military while defunding police … which do you believe would be the best response?

A:  Allow a peaceful transition of power and go along to get along.  Do what we are told and hope that things will not get too bad.

B:  Create a federation of constitutional states that ignore unconstitutional laws passed by a Biden-ruled congress – knowing that the Biden government will attempt to use force to ensure compliance which could lead to a secession movement and almost certain violence.  But, we must remember that the violence would be directed at that federation that had no military or media power?

C:  Support the Trump Administration in a Declaration of Martial Law where mass arrests of conspirators took place to stop the treasonous election fraud made possible by corrupt politicians, a bought off Mainstream Media and Social Media Oligarchs who worked in concert with the deep state and the Chinese Communist Party to subvert an election and overthrow the U.S. government?

Those are the choices.  So, I ask again, “What Say You America?”

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