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You Are Non-Essential – Tyrants and Understanding: The Violent Take It By Force

By Dr. Jake Baker

The American left is quick to tell us that “Black Lives Matter.”  They are equally quick to tell us that no human being is illegal in reference to the legal status of those who reside unlawfully here in America, stealing jobs from our most vulnerable Americans. 

Suddenly, you could riot, loot, burn buildings, stores, homes, anything as long as it “expressed your outrage.”  Those people who were destroying private property, government buildings, and statues were essential to the “conversation” about race and oppression in this country.  But the poor slobs who owned those buildings and businesses, who were being oppressed in the worst possible way and whose tax dollars paid for those government buildings, I guess they did not matter, they were non-essential.

Then came the biological attack from China sponsored by Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Faucci and the perpetrators of the Global Reset.  Then of course we have the lockdowns.  Those who are smiled on by the ruling elite and deemed essential, have been allowed to continue to earn a living.  They are essential.  That of course included doctors, nurses, police (although they are considered essential while being defunded), firemen, and other members of society deemed essential were not only allowed but were in fact expected to do their jobs, they were essential – and probably, rightfully so.

But you know who else was considered essential; politicians like congressmen, senators, governors, mayors, and other various riffraff that continued to get their paycheck while the rest of us, whose paycheck was stolen by these tyrants, suffered? 

And naturally those members of powerful liberal unions like America’s teachers were also considered essential workers and even though most of them were not actually teaching – they still got paid. In fact, in the latest “COVID-19” relief bill, they got the equivalent of $19,000 per teacher while ordinary Americans, whose paychecks had been hijacked by incorrigible callous politicians, got $600.  It is easy to rail against the Democrats on the left.  This treasonous lot does indeed despise you, but they are not alone.  The GOP elites also look at you with condescending disgust.  They also see us as smelly Wal Mart shoppers and most of them consider you absolutely, non-essential. 

Beyond that the GOP has proven repeatedly that it despises its own base and is mockingly contemptuous of conservatives.  They have fought all of us and President Trump at every step of his herculean effort to expose election fraud and treason, while arrogantly killing the bill to increase the insulting $600 relief check to $2K.  Meanwhile like a slow-motion train wreck, we watched our country, our countrymen and women, our friends and families lose their businesses, livelihoods, their homes, their savings, their college funds, and everything they owned.  We watched helplessly and in shocked horror, as our hopes and dreams died.


BECAUSE THEY – WE – WERE NON-ESSENTIAL.  Let’s face it folks, you and I and 95% of America are considered non-essential by those in power.  They believe that what we provide for this nation, jobs, the economy, tax revenue, property taxes, vision, invention, innovation, and our global economic power, means absolutely nothing to them.  In California, a catering outfit for a powerful movie company was allowed to continue operating in the very parking lot of a woman whose restaurant was deemed non-essential and was forced to close.

Abortion clinics, cassinos and strip clubs remained open while churches were closed.  So, here is the upshot.  Strippers, baby killers, teachers who aren’t teaching, and lying politicians are essential but preachers and small businesspeople, we aren’t.  Wal Mart (who mocked Trump supporters and then “apologized” – revealed their real corporate attitude behind the thinly veiled welcoming facade), Sams, Amazon, and Costco can stay open, but your small grocery and deli are non-essential, so they have closed your business down for six or eight months, and because they care so much for you, here’s your $600 check, loser.  Why is that?  Simple you are non-essential – disposable. You are not rich and powerful, so you just do not matter.  You are non-essential.

Using the excuse that they are saving lives, the elitists are torching the lives of millions of Americans who will never recover from what has been done to them by essential politicians because they are – non-essential – mere peons.  

Remember when Governor Cuomo killed tens of thousands of elderly people by forcing them back into a nursing homes when infected with the China Plague, but will not even allow you to visit your loved ones in an elder care facility.  God forbid you – non-essential, should be allowed to go and see momma or grandma who is dying of loneliness and heartbreak in a prison we now call an elder care facility.  But not to worry, mom and grandma, they’re non-essential too, so its ok.  They won’t be around long – we’ll just tag’em and bag’em and send them on their way.  One less useless eater – right?

I think I know now how George Baily felt when he stood there looking into the precipice of eternity off the edge of that bridge, wondering if his life was worth living.  Did he see himself by  Hillary’s standard as a deplorable, or an irredeemable?  Possibly.  But I suspect that what the author had in mind is that poor old George believed his life was worth nothing, he was simply non-essential.  He had no effect on life, no value to anyone around him.  He was just non-essential to anyone for anything.  And now these “essential” politicians like Whitmer, Newsome, Cuomo, Kemp, Raffensperger, Biden, Harris, and a myriad of others are telling you and me and millions of Americans, that we are non-essential.  We have no value and no effect on anyone or anything. We simply exist – and what happens to us – just doesn’t matter. In truth we are breathing their air and consuming their resources.

I used to be frustrated with the arrogance of these elitist essential idiots.  But I’m not anymore.  Now I am enraged.  I am enraged that these egotistical sons of Beliel have the arrogance, no, the criminal intent to destroy our country by shutting down our lives, denying our right to freedom and the ability to simply live our lives and earn a living.  They are stealing from us the right to feed our families, take care of our employees, who in many small businesses are like family, to pursue happiness and life as free people.  It is tyranny. 

I am reminded of the verse in the Christmas Carole speaking of the birth of the Messiah, “Long lay the world in sin and error pining, Till He appeared, and the soul felt its worth.”  It is time that once again we begin to understand that we are not irredeemable because we have been redeemed and we are desperately essential have so very much worth.

So, here is what I propose.  I propose that from now on we consider them, all of them who would enslave us to their arrogant despotism, non-essential.  It is time that we band together and open our businesses … together.  Perhaps we could form a union of free people.  Let’s tell these arrogant, lying, power-hungry enemies of freedom and enemies of “we the people” that we will take no more from them – ever again.  Let’s shut down their capitals, deny them access to their offices, their power, their lives.  If we organize so that when the authorities, the inspectors, the government Gestapo shows up, we all show up and tell them that they cannot arrest one person, they will need to arrest thousands of us, we will have an effect.  Let’s surround all of these brownshirts with all of us and tell them no more.  It is time to put the fear of God and the fear of our righteous anger back in the jaded hearts and minds of these despots.

It is time to recall these corrupt governors, mayors, city council members, and every miscreant who calls themself a public servant, while putting their boot on our neck even as we cry in anguish, “I can’t breathe.”

It is time to tell the courts we just do not give a crap what you rule.  We are no longer giving you our consent to govern.  You are corrupt and your reign of terror and oppression, is over. We will no longer bow to you priests of the “cult of the black robe.” Until we start showing these tin-pot tyrants that we will do Whatever Is Necessary to reclaim our God-given rights and freedom – to pursue happiness, that they are illegally and unconstitutionally denying us – they will consider us sheep and cowards and will continue to inflict their despotic oppression on us.

You have a right to pursue happiness.  You have a right to decide for yourself whether going to a restaurant, bar, movie, church, or your job is safe.  And, if you don’t feel safe, you have a Right to stay home.  No one is going to force you to come out of your home or cave or anyplace you want to hibernate until this China Plague subsides, and of course if we allow these madmen to continue on as they are, it will never subside.  And while I absolutely respect the fact that you have the right to stay home as long as you want, that does not mean you have a right to imprint your desire for caution on anyone else.  Nor does the essential ruling oligarchy have a right to tell you or me to stay home – disguising their contempt for us and dark intent behind the tried and true, “it is for our own good” nonsense. 

Allowing them to steal our homes, businesses, livelihoods, and sanity is not good for any of us or for America.  As New Yorkers abandon their homes and buildings to escape the despotic rule of Cuomo and di Blasio, you can bet these power-hungry profiteers will move in right behind the exodus and buy these properties for pennies on the dollar.  There is a method to their madness. They are giddy when destroying your life, killing your business, stealing your savings, your very life, for their profits – to that end these traitors will gleefully label you, non-essential.

But I have news for them and for you – You are not non-essential!  You, your personality, your talents, your skills, your gifts, your wisdom, what you do and who you are … makes you essential to family, friends, our country, and an entire world. 

Reach out an embrace both our collective and your individual worth and shake off the shackles of the non-essential label placed on you by the chattering idiot political class. It is time to stand up and be counted knowing that your soul, the very essence of who you are … has worth – And You, being made in God’s image were hard wired for freedom and the right to live in liberty and to live out your eternal God-given destiny. 

Have courage my countrymen – the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force – and that force is righteousness and righteous indignation that demands one simple right – the right to choose our own destiny, day by day, year by year for our lives and the lives of our children.  With all my heart I tell you … You Are Essential.

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