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Pearl Harbor and Pearl Harbor 2.0 – An Act of War

By Dr. Jake Baker
December 7, 2020

On this day, we remember the first Pearl Harbor when a vicious Imperial Japanese Empire focused the power of their perceived invincible war machine on an “unsuspecting” United States in Hawaii.  In that attack 188 U.S. aircraft were destroyed, about 20 ships, a good share of our fleet, were destroyed and 2,403 Americans lost their lives.  And as despicable as that attack was it paled in comparison to another more dastardly, more evil, and more potentially devastating attack … a second Pearl Harbor. 

After the first Pearl Harbor the United States rallied.  We knew who our enemies were, and we devised a plan to fight back.  At the time, nobody knew if we would succeed in stopping the Nazis, the fascists in Italy or the inhuman Japanese Imperial war machine. 

But in reality, this war, WWII was both inevitable and predictable and was in fact predicted in 1925 by preeminent intelligence analyst, Hector Bywater.  Bywater had warned of the growing Japanese war footing and their long term plan for military domination, juxtaposed against the U.S. laissez faire attitude toward defense and military preparedness in his work, Sea Power in the Pacific: A Study of the American-Japanese Naval Problem in 1921.  Four years later Bywater published a novel titled The Great Pacific War, in which he expanded his ideas about the coming great war between Imperial Japan and the United States.  Forewarned is forearmed, but few heeded his warning. In the conflict that ensued, after Japan’s attack, we were staggered and lost battle after battle, but we fought back across the oceans of the world, across the plains and mountains of Europe, from island to island, inch by inch we clawed our way to victory.  In the words of Winston Churchill:

We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender …

And because we ignored the warning of a coming war, we ignored the clarion and clear signs of a growing militarism of Germany and Japan, we paid a very heavy price in both blood and treasure.  

In a similar manner we have been warned of the coming political war for the soul of America, and we have been warned for decades about the globalist slide of the Republican Party.  Goldwater warned of Country Club or Rockefeller Republicans in the 60s.  There has been an organized plan to allow the corporatist take over of the GOP for more than a half century.  That effort has produced the Bush dynasty, and vermin like Mitt Romney, John Boehner, Paul Ryan, and feckless globalists like Mitch McConnell, and governors like Brian Kemp of Georgia and Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona, who have ignored or even countenanced the betrayal of the American people to globalist and communist  interests inflicted on America by traitors in Democrat leadership, and their foot soldiers of the Democrat party, as they refuse to stop the blatant election fraud in their states allowing the stealing of the 2020 election. 

Because our “leadership” in the GOP has taken what at best can be described as a laissez faire attitude toward corporatist power grabs and globalist-socialist gradualism, turned a blind eye to the destruction of liberty and the undermining of the Constitution, or worse yet in many cases have nakedly embraced the subsumption of the party by these forces, they have either unknowingly or more likely by design, fueled by their psychotic hatred of Donald Trump and what he stands for, overtly encouraged, emboldened, collaborated with and empowered, the Democrats to launch their own Pearl Harbor in the form of the November 3, 2020 election theft. 

It is no secret that the GOP establishment despises Donald Trump.  But their complicity with Democrats, and seditious actors like George Soros in this blatant act of election fraud – which is treason – inflicted on our country November third, was doubly breathtaking.

  • First it is stunning in its audacious, barely disguised duplicitous attack on that singular act that defines us as a nation … free and fair elections. 
  • And secondly, the brilliance the Democrats have shown in not just co-opting the media and the globalist leadership of the Republican Party, but actually partnering or allying with them as fellow travelers and seditious allies akin to the unholy trinity of World War II represented by the alliance of Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan.

At the attack of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, I think it can be stated the Japanese were not hitting the island state because they had a particular loathing for Hawaii.  They hit Pearl Harbor because it represented America and the power of America as a nation and the concept of liberty as opposed to the dictatorial designs of an Imperial leader, a fuhrer like socialist Hitler, or a dictator like fascist Mussolini.  Likewise, the Pearl Harbor political attack of November 3, 2020, while aimed at Donald J. Trump was not solely aimed at Donald Trump.  It was aimed at that part of America that still understands that we the people, not the globalist traitors of the political parties, are the government.  Constitutionally, the government is comprised of the federal government (not national government), the states, and most importantly, we the people.  This vicious, treasonous attack, this second Pearl Harbor, was aimed at ending America and stealing from “we the people” our voice and consent to be governed as it clearly is designed to overthrow the government of the United States in an act of war. 

The Democrats and their fellow traitors in the mainstream media and establishment GOP with bad actors like Mitch McConnell, government establishment bureaucrats, and never-Trumpers like Christopher Wray FBI chief, and Gina Haspel at the CIA, the Deep State, and weak slimy governors like Ducey of Arizona, Kemp of Georgia, and others of their ilk, launched their devastating attack using Chinese Communist Party controlled Dominion Voting Systems, and Democrat scum who were predisposed to commit acts of treason against America in precincts all across the country, with a concentration in select cities, through the use of fraudulent ballots, double counting, destroying Trump ballots, rounding up dead voters and illegal votes through fraudulent mail in ballots while also registering millions of non-existent voters. 

This election was truly a religious experience as we saw millions of “ghost” voters and the great resurrection of the dead as these noncorporal Americans voted by the hundreds of thousands across the country.

Make no mistake, this was an act of war –  an act of overt high treason – it was an attempt to end free and fair elections, and to literally overthrow the government of the United States and the will of the people.  The question is, will we sit placidly and flaccidly by, or will we utter the immortal phrase, “I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”  If you see this fight as anything less than a life or death struggle for America, you have failed to grasp the gravity of this attempted election theft. 

Remember that in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, we found out that many of our leaders knew the attack was coming and did nothing.  I fear that in this second Pearl Harbor 2.0, the same is true.  Why else would Joe Biden and Kamala Harris simply refuse to campaign?  Both almost completely shunned the traditional campaign trail, and on those rare occasions when they did venture out to the hustings, we clearly saw that in most cases their events could have been held in a phone booth, with room to spare.  So, ask yourself, how can a candidate who can’t fill even a small classroom with supporters, win 78 million votes?  The FIX was in and Joe and Kamala knew it.  It would appear that they too, are a part of this conspiracy.

So, what’s next?  At Pearl Harbor, our aircraft carriers were out to sea during the attack and therefore spared.  They were the foundation of what would become our rebuilt fleet.  But the intelligence and military failures of December 7th caused a massive reshaping of American policy and leadership.  It is time that we also recognize that we need to both change tactics and leadership if we are to survive this treasonous onslaught. Here are some of the steps that we may want to examine. 

It is time for conservatives to jettison the GOP.  It has been invaded and completely compromised by globalists from the county level all the way to the RNC and everything in between.  Where is Ronna McDaniel head of the RNC in this fight to expose the corruption and treasonous theft of this election?  Why is Mitch McConnell on the side lines?  Where are the Republicans? 

It is time for conservative Democrats to look for a new home.  They need to abandon those who have betrayed them, such as:

  • Communists and socialists like AOC, Bernie Sanders, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer,  
  • Bigots, race-baiters, and militant Islamists like Rashid Talib, an Ilhan Omar, and
  • Those who have allowed themselves to be corrupted and compromised by foreign nations, like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and a plethora of like-minded miscreant Democrats

It is time for those blue-collar working-class Democrats to acknowledge that their Democrat party is gone and is not ever coming back.  That Democrat party is now the party of Darth Vader, Lord Malloch Brown, the Emperor George Soros, and the globalist cabal that is moving ever closer to their goal of ending America and instituting their empire – a global government – establishing what will in the end, be a prison planet.

It is time for patriots, MAGA voters, conservatives, 2nd Amendment and pro-life voters to face the fact that the GOP is no longer their home.  These so-called leaders, see the treason of this last election but are willing to do nothing – in fact, they are for the most part either approvingly silent or in many cases in fact, on the side of the traitors.  It is time for a new political party.  It is time for a MAGA Party.  A MAGA party should not be about Donald Trump, it should be about what Donald Trump represents which is America  and a constitutional government, lower taxes, an end to oppressive stay at home orders, mask mandates, shutdowns, dictatorial closing of small businesses which destroys lives and kills jobs, while allowing corporate giants like Wal Mart, Sams, Cosco and others to stay open, ending freedom of religion while allowing abortion clinics and strip joints to stay open, burdensome regulation and demanding the removal of the jack-boot of government, from the necks of Americans.  It is time to launch the MAGA party and let the GOP go the way of the Tories and Whigs. 

Of course, the argument will be that that will give the Democrats more power.  Let me ask you a simple question, why would we keep electing Republicans, which we have, who have done nothing to further our agenda, and expect them to magically decide they will start listening to us.  While they pretend to represent us, they are in essence doing nothing more than feigning protest of Democrat socialism, while all the time knowing that they will, in the end, rubber stamp the globalist agenda which truly represents the desires of both the Republicans and the Democrats.  For the purposes of appearances, the GOP may slightly slow our demise but in the end demise will still come.  Hoping that the bear eats you last is not a strategy.

The Republicans haven’t listened to us in half a century.  Why would any of us be foolish enough to believe they would start now?  I am reminded of the domestic abuser who promises his battered wife, “If you come home, I won’t hit you anymore.”  Remember after McConnell’s last election victory, he told Republicans, “We heard You and we will remember what you said.”  He lied.

Our U.S. debt continues to rise as government continues to expand into more and more areas of our lives, with the consent of the government, not the people, abortion mills are still butchering the unborn in ritualistic human sacrifice, led by the would-be high priests emulating the death cult of ancient Baal worshipers and pagan Aztec demonic priests.  The power of the states is being usurped by political courts and power-hungry establishment pols across the country.  It is time to put a political bullet in the head of the GOP which has been selling us out for far too long.

If our leaders will not listen to our demands that this national betrayal, this overt act of war – this foul act of treason – the November 3, 2020 Pearl Harbor – that has been perpetrated by the Democrats, with the silent approval of the Republicans, their co-conspirators in the media and the political establishment, then we must as an act of conscience and self-preservation,  cut our political bands with those who continue to betray us and seek to subjugate us to their despotism. 

It is time that we say no more.  We need to rebel against this betrayal; we need to move against these acts of tyranny and the tyrants who are attempting to enslave us.  We need to gather in groups of a million patriots per week and completely shut down Washington DC.  We should allow no trucks or planes in or out.  We need to turn out the lights, shut off the water, and let these criminals know that from now on, there is no more business as usual.  We need to starve out the criminals and traitors posing as politicians, judges, and leaders in Washington DC.  We need to let them know that if they will not govern under the consent of the people – they will not govern at all.  If we do not end this act of treason, America is over.  If this peaceful rebellion fails, then I see no other option but a collective of the states uniting to form a new political union that will in fact be governed by a constitution, the rule of law, and the consent of the people.  Stay Strong America – This isn’t over!

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