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Afghanistan: Land of Goats, Poppies and Biden’s Surrender of America To Taliban

Afghanistan: The Devil’s Own – And Biden’s Unconditional Surrender To Militant Islam – Obama 2.0
By: Dr. Jake Baker

The media, the talking heads, and the political elite will continue to talk endlessly about mistakes that led to the debacle in Afghanistan.  But in reality, Afghanistan is simple.  They have been at war for more than a thousand years.  Whether it is tribal hatred, warlords seeking wealth and power, or the Taliban, war is what they do.  When an American husband comes home the wife asks how was work today.  When an Afghan comes home the wife asks how was the jihad today?  The Taliban are cockroaches.  You can kill them all day long and at night they regroup and come out again … day after day, night after night. 

The truth is, we should never have spent twenty years “nation” building in that hellish landscape filled with nothing but opium trade and violence.  You can’t build a representative form of government amongst a people that know nothing more than “might makes right.”  The Taliban are the big cockroaches right now.  If ISIS decides to come on the scene, they are even more brutal than the Taliban and they will be the big cockroaches.  You can’t build a mini-America Afghanistan. 

We could fill an entire book with our mistakes in Afghanistan.  But let’s skip to the part where we foolishly chose to fight a counter insurgency war in a place where counterinsurgency could not and did not work. 

Size matters, especially in there.  Afghanistan is the size of Texas with 35 to 40 million people.  It would have taken about 100 thousand troops to provide cover for that moon like landscape.  But even if we had dedicated the necessary personal, that is only the beginning of our problems with Afghanistan.

Retired Colonel Patrick Lang, who has fought counter insurgency wars across the globe for America from South America to Vietnam, posits that counterinsurgency cannot happen in a country the size of Afghanistan.  There is simply too much real estate to practically occupy.

Further: Counterinsurgency equals three elements

  • Political reform
  • Economic development and
  • Counter guerilla operations to eventually win hearts and minds. 

But how do you apply political reform in a country where politics is nothing more than a culture based on murder and bribery which leads to power.  How does one implement economic development in a country just one step out of the stone age.  The economy of Afghanistan is poppies – the opium trade.  The Total GDP is less than $20 billion.  By comparison the GDP of Texas is $2 trillion. 

Additionally, Afghanistan is not a country it is a collection of waring tribes that have been at the business of killing each other for more than a thousand years.  Historically there have been many drivers for the constant state of war, but for the last several centuries, war, hatred and killing have been driven by “religion”, if you can call Islam a religion.  According to Col Lang you cannot fight a counterinsurgency against a people of fervent violent religious ideology.  You cannot change people who believe they are serving god by killing their “countrymen” and anybody from the outside whom they consider infidels.

The best strategy for a place like Afghanistan is stay out of there.  If you feel you must go in – go in kill whoever needs killing and leave expeditiously.  We have spent a couple of trillion dollars in Afghanistan and all we have to show for it is a humiliating, chaotic, defeat under the senile leadership of Joe Biden and his team of America hating leftists. And just when we thought it could not get any worse the reality of what happened set in. Joe Biden Raised the white flag and SURRENDERED to the Taliban. Let that sink in. Joe Biden on behalf of the United states of America – Surrendered to the Taliban. The sheer cowardice and betrayal of that move is stunning.

Sadly neither our politicians under George Bush, nor our military “leaders” from then until now understood Afghanistan – nor have we understood the nature of militant Islam … ever. 

Islam is not about missionaries and proselytizing.  Islam has, since the time of Muhamad, spread at the edge of a sword of the barrel of a gun.  PERIOD.  There is no winning of hearts and minds.  Islam has a world view that includes only two “houses.”  There is the House of Islam and the House of War.  Everyone that is not in the House of Islam is by default in the House of War and must be converted or killed.  Islam is not subject to the fickle of media.  They think long term.  If you think you can defeat us today, think again.  You will have to defeat us today, tomorrow and forever.  There is no peace with Islam.  You will either kill them or they will kill you.  There are only two houses The House of Islam or the House of War.

Now if we are to understand the Taliban’s Islam, we must break it down even further.  Everyone who is in the House of Islam in Afghanistan must also be in the Taliban’s House of Islam singing from their jaundiced hymnal or they are also the enemy and must be destroyed. 

That culture does not in any way, lend itself to a counterinsurgency strategy.  You cannot do enough “good works” to overcome the absolute terror which the Taliban brings to the hearts of those who oppose them.  If we liberate a village on Tuesday by the weekend, the Taliban are back and retaking the village by violence, torture, and murder, which of course they call the “will of Allah.”   The will of Allah is the panacea they use as cover for any of the violence they perpetrate anywhere in the world.

What all of this means is that unless you plan to keep a massive number of troops there indefinitely, you cannot win a war in Afghanistan.  If you start killing them in droves, they simply retreat to a Taliban friendly Pakistan, where they can rest, rearm, and prepare for their next battle.  They can hide there like cockroaches in the walls of your house.  And what are the alternatives for the US military?  Will they invade Pakistan?  Do we really want to invade another Muslim nation, a nuclear Pakistan, and make them a regional enemy?  Of course not, which means the Taliban have a free pass and can simply hit and run back to the mountains of Pakistan.    

But Pakistan isn’t their only retreat.  To the west you have Iran, which is yet another, albeit less friendly, hiding place.  But it is a big country with lots of places to hide.  To the north of Afghanistan, we have what I call Chaos-Stans, comprised of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.  There are just too many walls for the Taliban cockroaches to hide in. 

President Trump recognized that Afghanistan was a complete waste of blood and treasure leading him to develop a plan for an honorable withdrawal.  First, all US citizens were to be evacuated.  If the Taliban behaved, the withdrawal would continue.  If not, Trump promised they would pay a price.  When they didn’t respond to the carrot – our withdrawal, the president bombed the crap out of them.  The stick got their attention.  In fact at one point, Trump cancelled negotiations when the Taliban killed an American soldier.  The Taliban thought it would make them look strong.  With a strong president like Trump that strategy failed and cost them several months more of “occupation.”   Critics say that we should have involved the Afghan government more.  However, the Afghan government was at best corrupt, weak and feckless.  They were a military and political non sequitur.  

The next part of the withdrawal was to remove all our equipment.  Trump planned to leave no trucks, no weapons, no uniforms, no planes, no tanks … not even a slingshot they could use.  Biden on the other hand decided to leave  hundreds of billions of dollars in equipment not to mention thousands of blank visas which can simply be filled out by whoever has them. And right now they are in the hands of the Taliban.  How dangerous is that to America.  Terrorists with valid Visas.

Next, Trump’s plan called for the evacuation of the embassy and all personal and all documents.  Nothing would be left behind for anyone to use or exploit.  No evidence of who worked for or with the US.  Nothing would be left behind that the Taliban could use and certainly we would leave none of our people behind who had been working with us. To do so meant certain death for them.  So once vetted and approved they would make the trip out of Afghanistan … but not necessarily to the United States. 

Finally we would withdraw the military.  As a last act, the military would even destroy the bases we had built so that the Taliban would not have use of those facilities.  In other words we would leave the country devoid of anything we had built or done.

Now even after the disastrous withdrawal, the Biden cabal says they are in daily contact and negotiating with the Taliban.  If the Biden minions are negotiating with the Taliban, what are they giving them?  Seems nobody in the media is addressing that obvious question.

So one must ask, why didn’t Joe Biden simply follow that well thought out and well-crafted orderly plan to extricate the United States from Afghanistan?  He didn’t have to have smart or strategic thinkers to come up with a plan, he simply needed to follow a brilliantly designed strategy for an honorable withdrawable that left nothing in the hands of our enemy. 

There are a lot of complicated answers to that question, but none of them really matters because with Biden, the answer is glaringly simple.  Joe Biden is not in charge of anything.  He is not running the show.  He is weak, tottering, and senile shadow of the old Joe Biden, who has always been a sleezy, greedy grifter who cared nothing for his country or the wellbeing of Americans.  His god is money.  He is a lot of things but a patriot is not one of them.  His administration is comprised of globalists who hate America and see it as the last impediment to global governance.  They have dedicated themselves to destroying this country by managing a rapid decline which will lead to the final destruction of the US as a world power.  Afghanistan is just one more step in the devolution. 

Biden and his team of anarchists has weakened America in the eyes of our enemies in China and Russia.  He has made us the laughingstock of the world, demoralized the US military, and given our enemies hundreds of billions of dollars in equipment and provided them with enough intelligence to murder everyone who was connected in any way to the US military or the US embassy.  How much of that money, equipment, and thousands of blank visas will be used to facilitate terrorist attacks on the United States? 

Congratulations Joe you sold out America one more time.  But we should not be surprised.  As I have said many times.  Team Biden did not come to govern the country they came to destroy it. 

But team Biden knows that the clock is ticking.  Their goal, their purpose is to inflict irreparable harm to the country before the midterm elections which almost everyone sees as a blood bath for the Democrats.  But lest we forget, Stalin poignantly said, that it doesn’t matter who votes what matters is who counts the votes.  I fear the Biden administration feels exactly the same way because they have learned over many decades how to creatively count votes.  Between the votes they manufactured for Biden and the votes they stole from Trump in the last election we are probably looking at a swing of more than twelve million votes.  That rigged election on both a state and national level probably stole four senate seats and that put the U.S. Senate in the hands of Biden’s Democrat co-conspirators and of course turned the White House over to the mad anarchists who are day by day, policy by policy destroying America.

Now here is the scary part.  The media in this country as we all know, is nothing more than an extension of the Democrat party, global corporations, and of course the tech oligarchs.  The world and this country is no longer run by governments or even bureaucrats.  It is run by corporations and the intelligence agencies that do their bidding.  If their media lackies are turning on Biden for the fiasco in Afghanistan or at least that is the premise they are using, we must ask, what are they really up to?  This current is very much like a chilling dark magic show.  They have us busy watching one hand as the other hand hides a knife aimed at our hearts or throats.

There will come a time, in the not-too-distant future, when the illusion is completed that we will figure out the rest of the deception.  This one thing I can promise you … it is big and it will be breath-taking when it is exposed. 

In the mean while we stand frozen like sheep to the slaughter and watch as Team Biden continues to destroy the United States in their treasonous march to our “managed” decline.  We will all wait breathlessly for the Durham report as if it mattered and continue to debate the number of demonic angels in the Biden Administration that can dance on the head of a pin.  And like mad Nero, Biden plunders and fiddles while America burns and America will fiddle while Biden burns it down. 

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