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The Marxist Plutocrat Corporate Government’s Cancel Culture Just Got Very Real

By Dr. Jake Baker

You have been cancelled.  I don’t just mean your money, speech, 1st Amendment rights or 2nd, or 4th, or 5th Amendment rights.  I mean you have been cancelled. First of course your money, your freedom, then your representation as a state which owns a federal government have all been cancelled.  But now they are literally cancelling you as an individual.  To date they have cancelled about 40 million Americans and that number is growing every day. 

At this pace, soon you will be irrelevant and were it not for your potential earning power – the dollar value that they have assigned to you as property of the Corporate State – who knows they might not even keep you and me around.  And if we disappoint them, they might cancel us – you and me … permanently. 

But let’s back up a few years.  I could take you back to the time of Sir Francis Bacon at the time when he wrote The New Atlantis in 1627 as a lesson in their long game thinking, but for the sake of time and lengthy history let’s begin in 1910 at a posh club off the coast of Georgia.  

The late November air was chilly, mid 50s with clouds and wind making it feel much colder.  As night came on the temperatures at Jekyll Island, Georgia would dip even lower.  But the chill of the night did not put a chill on the excitement of the rich and powerful men that were about to gather at this clandestine meeting.

The attendees at this nefarious gathering possessed no moral absolutes but money and each individually and all collectively were about to sell for personal profit their allegiance to America, while betraying their oaths of office and subverting the will of their countrymen, without remorse. 

Each of them, all of them, were about to be handsomely rewarded for their unbridled glee at the thought of selling their souls and doing the bidding of their masters.  All had come to the meeting in stealth mode, as furtive as any conspirator ever.  They were about to birth what G. Edward Griffin would so aptly name, The Creature of Jekyll Island. 

Nelson Aldrich, A. Piatt Andrew, Henry Davison, Arthur Shelton, Frank Vanderlip and Paul Warburg – met at the Jekyll Island Club, off the coast of Georgia, to create a conspiracy to control the nation’s banking system and forever tilt the playing field toward the rich and powerful corporations, making government at best a junior partner or more practically, a mere tool in their hands.

It was imperative that the meeting and its sinister purpose remain a closely guarded secret.  So palpable was the conspirators fear of exposing their betrayal, it precluded them from even admitting their attendance at that meeting until the 1930s. But that meeting and the conspiracy it produced on Jekyll Island, laid a foundation for what would eventually be the treasonous Federal Reserve System and the destruction of the American understanding of personal liberty and sovereignty under the ideal of freedom.

That was the foundation – the beginning of the cancel culture in America.  The Federal Reserve cancelled the states banking and currency rights, would create a fiat currency system, allow government to tax individuals – which was unconstitutional until the illegally passed 16th Amendment and set the rules for the globalist oligarchs to control the destiny of both America and the entire world’s economy.  They would profit from stealing our wages, rigging the stock market looting it for trillions of dollars, controlling the means of creating capital, and when convenient or necessary murdering our citizens.  Wealth and freedom were now a private – members only club.  It would lead to World Wars I and II and reduce them to little more than profit centers for the robber barons of the day. 

One of the principals of the Jekyll Island conspiracy, was Paul Warburg the first director of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations known as the CFR, who essentially ran U.S. finances during World War I as part of the powerful banking cartels of the early 1900s.   Warburg, would, in concert with his brother Max Warburg, who represented the finances of Germany, and who had equal clout with the same banking cartels on the European side of the Atlantic, managed the progress – carnage of the war and determined the profit centers and how best to exploit them for the global elite.  Of course none of this was new, it had a continuing, centuries-old legacy rooted in the royalty and aristocracy of Europe.

The Federal Reserve and its equally evil sibling the unconstitutional 16th Amendment would steal from America real money and reduce an entire population to mere wage slaves of the industrial oligarchs of the turn of the century. 

Money and privacy were about to be cancelled and under FDR in less than two decades be replaced with a fiat currency and an act of congress known as the Trading With The Enemies Act as amended March 9, 1933, that would declare the people of the United States as chattel for the Chattel Mortgage on the United States held by international bankers after a contrived stock market crash and the engineered power grab called the “Great Depression.”

Having cancelled money and personal freedom and replaced it with monopoly money and indentured servitude the same oligarchs engineered the illegal passage of the 17th Amendment which cancelled the states right to choose their own Senators to represent them in Washington DC by “democratizing” the vote.  Here is what the constitution says about electing senators.

Article I – Section 4 – Clause 1

The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.

One might reasonably ask how is the 17th Amendment illegal?  It altered the places of “chusing” Senators.  This amendment moved the place of chusing senators from the upper and lower chambers of the state legislatures to a state-wide “democratic” vote.  The purpose of a U.S. Senator was not to represent the people of the state as in the House of Representatives, but to represent the interests of the states on a federal level.  It was to make sure that the rich, populated, and powerful states had no more representation than the small states.  They each had two senators and they were selected so that the states did not become the pawns of special interests and the interests of big money and powerful lobbyists.  They worked for the interest of their state.

So, the 17th Amendment cancelled states rights.  That of course ended protections for both the states and the individuals within those states.  Raising taxes was now a matter of expanding power with relatively few checks and balances now that the states had been taken out of the picture.  Senators no longer had to answer to their states which meant they were for sale to the highest bidder.  And with the 17th Amendment … You Were Cancelled 

As time progressed, we fought more wars and history tells us that after each war nations become more liberal in their thinking.  And with each war that eventuality came about.  But that movement toward liberalism was clearly aided by people like John Dewy who cancelled our education system by beginning the corruption of the public education process and setting the stage for the federal government to involve itself in education.  Check another box, they cancelled parental rights in education. 

After presidents like the evil Woodrow Wilson and the 16th and 17th Amendments, we were no longer a constitutional republic with a federal government, we were quickly becoming a democracy with a national government.  America and Americans like YOU were being cancelled one step at a time. 

We could spend some time on the war in North Korea and talk about ceding rights to the United Nations.  Or we could skip ahead to Vietnam which continued that process of ending sovereignty while it introduced drugs, sex and rock and roll to America.  From that war we learned to hate those in authority, to demand a left-wing campus.  Vietnam went a long way in cancelling the morality of a nation.  Morality was replaced with “whatever feels good.”  It was the sexual revolution, tuning out and turning on to an alternate drug-induced reality.  It was the beginning of the entitlement America and Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. 

But the Vietnam war gave us one other important side-affect.  It gave us the cancelling of religion.  During the war, one of the few exemptions was for students of ministerial programs.  So suddenly many avowed leftists decided they were called by god (intentional small “g”) to do the Lord’s work. 

And just like that, the seminaries were filled and we were cranking out divinity students.  But through the years these leftist seminarians became educators, professors, and sat on the boards of denominations across the country.  As a result rich upper middle-class churches like the Presbyterians, Methodists, Episcopalians, and Lutherans got a whole new religion – a religion we now call – Wokeness. But even conservative denominations like the Baptists have fought and continue to fight the culture wars. 

It was during this turbulent time that we saw the return of the “old gods” from which the world had been liberated as Christianity spread.  But that’s another writing for another time.

As a result of Vietnam we cancelled sexual morality, introduced moral license which was in reality licentiousness, and introduced higher critical theologians who hated the church, hated God, and hated America.  American culture, morality and spiritual values got cancelled.  And in the process, YOU were being cancelled.

From the ninety’s forward we saw the left begin to push for an end to gun rights protected by the 2nd Amendment.  Our founding fathers would roll over in their graves to see what both the federal government and many states have done to the 2nd Amendment.  The 2nd Amendment was not about hunting it was about a “well-regulated militia” which was we the people.  But they have cancelled that understanding and gun rights – and in the process they were cancelling YOU.

To show you just how far this gun-cancel culture has come, Mr. Biden, at a town hall meeting on CNN during the campaign suggested that he is coming after the most common gun in America the 9 mm pistol.  They always follow the same cookie-cutter pattern.  We just want this small concession.  Not the whole camel just the nose of the camel under the tent for this one little thing.  The next thing you know the camel is living in the tent and you are sleeping on the ground outside a razor wire fence. 

You wake up one day, they just want to allow loving same-sex couples to get married. What could be wrong with that?  You can’t help who you love, right?  Metaphorically, two days later, they have drag queens reading to prepubescent children – your kids – at the local library, while naked men walk around your daughter’s locker room not even attempting to hide their anything but flaccid privates.  All of this in the name of sexual diversity.

They ask us for a couple weeks to slow the spread of Covid … the next thing you know it is two years later and they won’t let you go to work to earn a living, church services are banned, your kids are wearing masks sitting in front of a computer while not learning from a woke teacher’s union lackey who is attempting to brain-wash them into ratting-out mommy and daddy as  racists because they called themselves patriots and objected to the naked guy in their daughters shower, to critical race theory, and schools trying to give their kids the jab without their permission.

On Monday they say we must protect “immigrants” and “DACA” kids who have made lives here, but metaphorically by Tuesday we have open borders and millions of people a very real invading hoard, from who knows where and bringing with them who knows what diseases.  Meanwhile, they have banned unnecessary travel to Mexico for Americans because we might get covid down there and bring it back here.  But bringing in millions of illegals and using the military to covertly deliver them to locations around the country in violation of federal and state law, under the cover of absolute secrecy … well that as they say in the commercial is priceless.  And heaven help you if you protest any of this. 

You protest a mask or question a vax that is not a vax at all because it neither prevents you from acquiring the disease – providing immunity, nor does it keep you from transmitting the disease – both of which are the definition of a vax and you will be cancelled on social media and you may well be cancelled at your place of employment. Complain too loud and you will find yourself charged with some obscure crime and sent to prison for months awaiting a trial at a kangaroo court. And with the stroke of a pen YOU are cancelled.

Truth be told you still have your constitutionally enshrined rights – as long as you don’t try to use them.  Free speech – gone if you try to use it in education, medicine especially as concerns masks, the jab, Hydroxychloroquine, or other plague treatments.  Don’t even think about exposing the rigged elections, or any number of other forbidden subjects.  You will be cancelled from being a guest in the media, your social media accounts will be shut down, your publisher will disavow you, your job may go away, and if you show up in a state capital or the U.S. capital to protest any of this you will be arrested and once again spend months awaiting trial at a kangaroo court.  If some of the recent reporting on U.S. capital prisoners is accurate you might even be tortured while you are unconstitutionally imprisoned.  YOU have been cancelled.

But the real cancel culture is not on college campuses, churches, social media, mainstream media, politics, or employment.  No the real cancel culture is happening at the border.  A study by Yale university shockingly says that there are not 10 million illegals in the U.S. there are at least 20 million illegals here.  But even more shocking is what I believe to be the real number according to other independent researchers.  I believe there are about 40 million illegals running around this country and we don’t know who they are, what diseases they have, their criminal backgrounds, their country of origin, and their purpose for being here.

Of course the left would tell us that they are just here for jobs trying for a better life.  What about the people that are already here – what about their jobs?  We have millions of entry level workers victims of the federal education system who are being displaced by these interlopers.  If you are one of these entry level workers – congratulations, you have been cancelled.

What about all the white-collar workers we are bringing in under the H1-b visa program?  How many college graduates are sitting in their under ware in the basements of their parents’ home because they can’t find a job? You’ve been cancelled.

We are told that most of the jobs being filled by illegals are jobs that Americans don’t want.  It is not that Americans don’t want these jobs, it is that because we subsidize bid business around the world with illegals, these huge corporate plantation owners don’t have to pay a living wage.  That is why Americans don’t want these jobs – they can’t feed their families on them. 

These illegal workers are costing us between $500 billion and $1 trillion a year with crime, housing, food, medical care, education of their children, and the millions of bureaucrats it takes to steal our money and give it to people who are not supposed to be here.  That is a trillion-dollar subsidy to global multi-national corporations sucking the lifeblood out of hard-working Americans like a leach on the back of an unsuspecting wildebeest.  It is immoral and illegal. 

And now we are witnessing states allowing illegals, people who have come to this country illegally, committed felonies in the act of procuring fake ids, fake social security cards which are in many cases stolen from real people, falsified documents for banking purposes, obtained a drivers license illegally, and stolen the identities of American citizens to vote in elections. 

Of course our good friends on the left would say well these elections are only local elections.  May I remind you first of the examples above with the tent and the nose of the camel.  But may I also remind you that with the long tentacles of the federal government in every aspect of our lives there are no such things as local elections. 

When illegals show up to vote in local elections and elect state representatives, or state senators, county officials, mayors, and governors we must understand that these are the people who vote for the largess to which these same illegals will advantage themselves.  That leads to budget deficits which require more federal dollars.  Many states legal or not are counting these same illegals in the census.  All of that determines the state’s share of the federal dollars being passed out like candy and consumed like sweets at a fat-man’s convention.   

Here is the bottom line. Every job they take cancels out an American looking for that job and creates a subsidy for a rich multi-national company.  Every federal dollar they take steals money from the budget that a disabled vet will not get.  Every vote they cast for a left-wing socialist who promises them largess cancels out the vote of a patriotic American who is trying to restore some sense of sanity and constitutional order back to the country. 

So far this year the Biden administration has brought in through the southern floodgate about 2 million illegals and adding insult to injury his administration is using our new “woke” military, in an act of sedition, in violation of U.S. law to shuffle those here illegally off to unknown locations, without even a simple health screening for Covid and the Delta Variant, while excoriating us for not wearing a mask or refusing to take a jab being sold as a vax when it is in fact dangerous experimental gene therapy that has killed thousands of Americans according to published reports.  That’s thousands of  permanent cancellations. 

But every border jumper taking a job, voting illegally, grabbing a social security card and finding a way to receive fraudulent payments from our socialist government, is stealing from an elderly American living on a pathetic social security check, a sick or disabled vet, the widow of a fallen vet or cop, an entry level employee, a young college grad with obscene debt from his or her greedy college or university, an American entrepreneur, and every working stiff in this country.  They are being cheated out of their hard-earned money which is procured when they trade their labor for pay.  Still worse is the loss of a job to someone who is not supposed to be here.  YOU have been cancelled.

Every kid in school is being forced to mortgage their future, to pay hundreds of billions of dollars year after year for someone who is a felon, living here illegally.  Meanwhile we are using the office of the president, the commander in chief to force the U.S. military to become accomplices in an act of national betrayal by aiding and abetting those felons by allowing them to stay here in violation of the law and by illegally moving them across the country and across state lines. 

Every vote these illegals cast, every job they take, every dollar they steal with the help of the cancel culture is cancelling you.  They are cancelling your children and grandchildren; they are bringing their third-world ideology – socialism to this country … and soon America itself will be cancelled.  And when that happens YOU have been cancelled.

The Biden administration says they will read and demand censorship of your emails and texts.  They are listening to your phone calls and reading your social media accounts.  They have a scoring system and it you reach their “magic” threshold you will become a target of the FBI, CIA, NSA, or other intel or “law enforcement” agency. 

They tell us that the rank and file, 99% of the FBI, CIA, and NSA are good people.  Then why haven’t they acted and exposed their corrupt bosses en masse?  If the 99% are good, why have they taken no action?  Either they don’t exist or they are not good because good men and women – patriots – would not allow this abuse of power – this targeting of American values – this trashing of the constitution and the Bill of Rights to take place under their noses.     

America, we are alloing our culture, our “religious” liberty, our rights, our constitution, our way of life, our vote, and most assuredly ourselves – WE – YOU – Yourself – are being cancelled by the globalist Plutarchian cancel culture.  The only real question left is … Why? 

Have we really lost our will to survive?  Is America over?  Short of a miracle – the intervention of heaven – we will be the generation that sees America – that bright and shining city on a hill slip into darkness and Babylon will have fallen.  Scripture says “We would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed.”  Will we be healed? If so, we cannot rely on politics, or guns, or violent overthrow.  If we will be healed, we must do just the opposite – come to the throne of grace – repent … repent America or be cancelled.

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